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Top Currency Pairs To Know As A Forex Affiliate

Top Currency Pairs To Know As A Forex Affiliate

The foreign exchange (forex) market trades one currency for another, with the value of each continually shifting according to global supply and demand. Forex, with a daily market volume of $6.6 trillion, provides affiliates with significant commission opportunities. However, with over 50 different currency pairings to promote, selecting the best possibilities may be intimidating.


This article looks at the currency pairs that forex affiliates should focus their marketing efforts on because of their high liquidity, trading activity, and attraction to novice traders. We'll look at the characteristics that drive these partnerships and how affiliates may take advantage of their popularity. By selecting high-volume pairings, affiliates increase their chances of gaining new clients and earning long-term income.



Known as "the world's most popular currency pair," EUR/USD accounts for over 30% of global forex trading activity. Europe and America are global economic powerhouses, thus their relationship is keenly monitored. Daily changes are typically minor, making it suitable for beginners.


Affiliates gain traction by:

  • Providing macro analyses of economic data and policy divergences between the EU and the US
  • Discussing political events like elections or summits and their currency impact  
  • Sharing technical analyses highlighting resistance/support levels and patterns on charts
  • Hosting educational webinars on EUR/USD fundamentals and profitable trading strategies


By increasing knowledge of this valuable and reliable combination, affiliates may create the largest signups and trading volumes, resulting in good long-term commissions. Affiliates may also cross-promote it with other main pairs to create balanced portfolios.



Top Currency Pairs To Know As A Forex Affiliate

Because of Japan's export-focused economy, USD/JPY benefits from global growth expectations and US-China trade ties. It is widely watched because Japan is the world's third-largest economy. Volatility is low, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.


Affiliates win clients by:  

  • Providing JPY cross-rate analysis (e.g EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY)
  • Explaining the dynamics between US/Japan trade policies and FX rates  
  • Leveraging videos clarifying technical patterns like " rectangles" common to USD/JPY
  • Recommending reputable brokers optimized for JPY pair leverage rules


Affiliates earn credibility by highlighting the fundamentals and trends of this ultra-liquid combination, while traders seek profitable chances during global macroeconomic events.



The GBP/USD pair, nicknamed "cable" because of its prominence in global banking/finance, also sees large daily volumes since Britain remains a key Western economy. Traders appreciate its vulnerability to a variety of factors, including Brexit, UK elections, and central bank comments.


Affiliates drive business with:

  • Up-to-the-minute Brexit deal analyses and how each outcome may impact rates  
  • Articles breaking down BoE/Fed policy divergence trades on GBP/USD  
  • Infographics compressing key UK/US economic data and projections
  • Podcasts deep-diving top City economists' GBP outlook calls


By positioning as experts decoding this liquid pair's macro underpinnings, affiliates establish expertise prized by forex veterans and fresh recruits alike.



Switzerland has a distinct financial function as a currency refuge. Combined with the CHF's tie to the Euro, USD/CHF provides brokers with consistent volatility and liquidity. Traders enjoy the variety of US and EU data points that influence their movements.


Promotions should feature:  

  • Comparisons of SNB/Fed monetary policies to identify divergence bets
  • Analyses spotlighting which EU/US metrics drive sharp USD/CHF rate changes
  • Spot FX trading tutorials on YouTube focusing specifically on USD/CHF
  • Guest articles by quant analytics firms dissecting CHF correlations  


By uncovering nuanced drivers for this stable pair, affiliates gain a devoted following among banks and asset managers seeking neutral exposure to developed economies.



Top Currency Pairs To Know As A Forex Affiliate

As Australia is a major commodities exporter closely monitoring China's economy, AUD/USD activity surges on Chinese data surprises. Traders seek its unique exposure to commodities, rates, and trade policy beyond other currency pairs.


Promotional ideas include:

  • Custom AUD/USD trading screen overlays for MT4/5 showing dynamic correlations
  • Newsletters compiling forecast consensus calls on key Aussie/China trade, GDP, CPI figures
  • Infographics depicting Australia's export heatmap and its AUD sensitivity  
  • Metatrader 5 expert advisors specialized for scalping intraday AUD/USD moves


By appreciating Australia's China dependency, affiliates attract capitalizing on unique event risk exposure offered by this liquid bellwether pairing.



North America's largest bilateral trade relationship makes USD/CAD a natural pairing. Traders value its sensitivity to daily shifts in oil prices, economic data, central bank divergence, and geopolitics beyond typical G10 pairs.  


Promotions could:  

  • Analyze specific OPEC+ production changes and their short-term USD/CAD impacts
  • Compile consensus forecasts of BOC/Fed interest rate outlook differences  
  • Spotlight energy sector job numbers from key US oil states and Canada's employment
  • Publish economic calendars highlighting US and Canadian releases affecting USD/CAD


By distilling this highly correlated pairing's diverse drivers, affiliates gain a community engaging over both nations' dominant forces and trading its regular news-inspired moves.



While not a true currency pair, Gold/USD deserves attention due to gold's monetary role and daily volatility from dollar fluctuations. Signups originate from traders using gold for diversification or hedging fiat currency exposure.


Effective campaigns would:

  • Explain the gold basis as a proxy for loose USD/real rates and inflation expectations
  • Show interactive charts overlaying gold prices with key US data points it tracks
  • Teach fundamental supply/demand factors determining month-on-month gold prices  
  • Host webinars explaining gold's inverse USD correlation from macroeconomics


By positioning as experts in this historical inflation hedge, affiliates gain signups seeking diversification from currencies into gold's daily USD fluctuations.


Other Consideration Pairs

Top Currency Pairs To Know As A Forex Affiliate

While comprising smaller percentages of forex volume than majors, additional worthy pairs include:

  • EUR/JPY (global risk sentiment, EU-Japan relations)
  • GBP/JPY (Brexit effects on the UK, high finance flows)  
  • AUD/JPY (China exposure, Aussie safe-haven status)
  • NZD/USD (closely mirrors AUD/USD macro-dynamics)


Promoting these provides currency diversity for traders while affiliates sample different volatility environments. Cross-promotions combine multi-pair analyses amplifying educational content’s value for affiliates.


Conclusion | Top Currency Pairs To Know

Forex affiliates who focus their early efforts on high-volume benchmark currency pairings have the best chance of gaining quality clients and recurring commissions. Prioritizing EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and regional pairings ensures diversity for both beginning and experienced traders.


Affiliates position themselves as useful resources by creatively highlighting the macro fundamentals of various currency pairings, identifying correlation drivers, and summarizing global events. Stakeholders eventually return, increasing the long-term profitability of any marketing initiative. Ongoing renewal guarantees that affiliates stay at the forefront of a dynamic foreign exchange market.